WEEK 3 // In reverse order from last to first teach of the week

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Darren Bailey

Schoolyard King

by Darren Bailey

Rhoda Lai

Not 20 Anymore

by Rhoda Lai

Jo & John Kinser

Syncopated Rhythm

by Rob Fowler & Michelle Fowler

Pim van Grootel

Throwback Love

by Pim van Grootel, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Raymond Sarlemijn & Jean-Pierre Madge

Jackie Miranda

My Rock

by Doug & Jackie Miranda

Bradley Mather

Messed Up In Memphis

by Dee Musk

Laura Bartolomei

Feeling Like

by Laura Bartolomei, Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn & Eleni de Kok

Mark Furnell

Amazing Faith

by Rob Fowler

Wil Bos

Pa Olvidarte

by Wil Bos

Mary Bee Friedrich


by Mary Bee Friedrich

Amy Bailey

Thinkin Bout You

by Amy (Glass) Bailey

Tim Johnson

Smooth Criminal

by Barry Porter & Paul Hulatt

Debbie Rushton

Oh Ruby!

by Debbie (McLaughlin) Rushton

Kim Ray

In The Spotlight

by Kim Ray

Ira Weisburd


by Ira Weisburd

Philip Sobrielo

Black Or White

by Philip Sobrielo

Grégory Danvoie

You Make It Easy

by Gregory Danvoie

Grace David

Por Ti Sere

by Jo Thompson

David Hoyn

Country In My Veins

by David Hoyn, Wollongong & Kim McCloughan & Mudgee 

Janine Rohrer

Voices In My Heart

by Janine Rohrer

Mathew Sinyard

Put Your Hands Up

by Mathew Sinyard