WEEK 11 24H eXstream

// In reverse order from last to first teach of the event

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Neville Fitzgerald


by Neville Fitzgerald

Debbie Rushton

Too Intoxicated

by Debbie Rushton

Willie Brown

Dance With My Daughters

by Willie Brown, Taylor Brown & Hayley Brown

Dee Musk

Footprints In The Sand

by Dee Musk

Julie Harris

Bring Us Back

by Julie Harris & Neville Fitzgerald

Jannie Tofte Andersen

Far From The Tree

by Paul James & Jannie Tofte Andersen

Alison Johnstone

Electric Reel

by Robert & Regina Padden

Paul Snooke


by Paul Snooke

Stephen Paterson

I Called Mama

by Stephen Paterson

Martha Ogasawara

One Sweet Chance

by Martha Ogasawara & Toshiko Kawamoto

Grace David

First Shot's On Me

by Rob Holley & Grace David

Philip Sobrielo

El Anillo

by Philip Sobrielo, Bambang Satiyawan & Agung Arifin

Amy Bailey

What A Man Gotta Do

by Amy (Glass) Bailey & Scott Blevins

Lee Hamilton

You Are The Reason

by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Kelly Cavallaro

Southern Dreams

by Maddison Glover

Bradley Mather

Let Me Love You

by Masters In Line

Jason Takahashi

No Regrets

by Scott Blevins

Adia Nuno

Breaking Rules

by Niels Poulsen

Jonno Liberman

Oh Henny

by Jonno Liberman

Darren Bailey

Falling Walls

by Darren Bailey

Tim Johnson


by John Robinson

Jo & John Kinser


by Paul Snooke, Jonas Dahlgren, Guillaume Richard & Jo Kinser

Hayley Wheatley


by Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly

Rob Fowler

Look For The Good

by Rob Fowler

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