WEEK 10 // In reverse order from last to first teach of the week

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Darren Bailey


by Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse

Rhoda Lai

Hurt Me Carefully

by Ria Vos

Jo & John Kinser

Thousand Times

by Niels Poulsen

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

Never Love Again

by Paul Snooke & Guillaume Richard

Dawn Musgrave Demarest

Cherry On Top

by Debbie Rushton, Guillaume Richard & Darren Bailey

Cyara Hermsen

Now Or Never

by Kathy Hunyadi

Rob Fowler

Whiskey's Gone

by Rob Fowler

Laura Bartolomei

The Git Up

by Blanco Brown, Damon D'Amico & Dave Serfling

Ira Weisburd

Crocodile Roll

by Ira Weisburd, Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn

Grace David

Mates Of Soul

by Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen, Gary O’Reilly

Maggie Gallagher

Keep Young

by Maggie Gallagher 

Jonas Dahlgren


by Jonas Dahlgren

Willie Brown

Turning Tables

by Maddison Glover & Tom Glover

Lee Hamilton

Ring My Bells

by Julia Wetzel

Guillaume Richard

Leave A Light On

by Guillaume Richard

Daniel Trepat


by Daniel Trepat, Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse

Amanda Rizzello

Summer 2002

by Amanda Rizzello

Michael Lynn

Caribbean Pearl

by Maggie Gallagher

Philip Sobrielo

Get Wild

by Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski

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