WEEK 4 // In reverse order from last to first teach of the week

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Darren Bailey

Novocaine Kiss

by Rob Fowler, Darren Bailey & Kate Sala

Rhoda Lai

Work Done

by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Rhoda Lai & Jonno Liberman

Jo & John Kinser

Drinking All Weekend

by Jo & John Kinser

Isha Hutchinson

Soul Line Dance (Video Only)

by Isha Hutchinson

Jackie Miranda

Feel It

by Doug & Jackie Miranda

Bradley Mather

Hot Tamales

by Neil Hale

Michelle Risley

Beethoven's Boogie

by Rob Fowler

Mark Furnell

Get Up, Get Up, Get Busy

by Mark Furnell & Chris Godden

Wil Bos

Tequila Kisses

by Wil Bos

Özgür "Oscar" Takaç

Cut Off Jeans

by Özgür "Oscar" Takaç

Amy Bailey

Speak To A Girl

by Amy (Glass) Bailey

Tim Johnson

Lay It Back

by Shane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse & Guyton Mundy

Debbie Rushton

Beautiful Crazy

by Debbie Rushton

Kenny J

Soul Power Hour (Video Only)

by Kenny J

Ira Weisburd

Amarillo By Morning

by Ira Weisburd

Amanda Rizzello

The Woman In My Life

by Amanda Rizzello

Kate Sala

Black Horse

by Kate Sala

Grace David

Shakin' My Head

by Guyton Mundy & Chris Atkinson

David Hoyn


by Jo Thompson & Jamie Marshall

Alessandra Tisi

Good Hearted Woman

by Alessandra Tisi

Pim van Grootel

Friend Zone

by Pim van Grootel & Bella Scholtze

Gregory Danvoie

Baila Un Poquito

by Gregory Danvoie

Esmeralda van de Pol

For Someone Special

by Esmeralda van de Pol

Lorenzo "GoLo" Evans

You're So Beautiful

by Lorenzo "GoLo" Evans

Jonas Dahlgren

A Bitter Lullaby

by Roy Verdonk, Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren, Paul Snook & Guillaume Richard

Jill Babinec


by Jill Babinec & Scott Schrank

Willie Brown

Hustle Me

by Willie Brown & Darren Bailey

Jen Stevenson

Lock Down Sit Down

by Jenny Stevenson & Jean-Pierre Madge

Guillaume Richard


by Guillaume Richard

Dee Musk

Sweet Attraction

by Kate Sala, Shelley Guichard & Dee Musk

Hayley Wheatley

Like She Used To

by Hayley Wheatley

Lee Hamilton

Holy Days

by Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton

Janine Rohrer

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

by Peter Metelnick

Chanel "Storm" Tillman

Fall On Me (Video Only)

by Chanel Tillman

Heather Barton

Abby's Heartbreak

by Heather Barton