WEEK 2 // In reverse order from last to first teach of the week

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Darren Bailey

Pick Her Up

by Darren Bailey

Rhoda Lai

It's Only Human

by Rhoda Lai

Jo & John Kinser

Great Spirit

by Philip Sobrielo, Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren & Johanna Lodin

Johanna Barnes

You're Number One

by Johanna Barnes

Bradley Mather

Must Get Free

by Dan McInerney

Gary O'Reilly

Electric Slide (LDF Challenge)

by Ric Silver

Betty Drummond

Faith, Hope and Love

by Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Laura Bartolomei

Bad Bad News

by Laura Bartolomei

Mark Furnell


by ShaBeDa

Colin Ghys

Enamorate De Mi

by Wil Bos, Hyunji Chung  & Colin Ghys

Joran van der Noll

Perreo Solido

by Joran van der Noll

Amy Bailey

Shoot My Shot

by Chris Jacques

Tim Johnson

Hot Stepping

by Tim Johnson

Guillaume Richard


by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard

Jeni Bradshaw

True Inspiration

by Julia Wetzel

Ira Weisburd

Woke Up In Love With You

by Yvonne Anderson & Ira Weisburd

Philip Sobrielo

MJ Bad

by Philip Sobrielo

Grégory Danvoie

More & More

by Lee Hamilton & Gregory Danvoie

Grace David

The Way

by Gerard Murphy

David Hoyn

How To Save A Life

by David Hoyn & Travis Taylor

Wil Bos


by Wil Bos & Colin Ghys

Blaire Morgan

Electric Slide

by Ric Silver

Neville & Julie

My Superpower

by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Esmeralda van de Pol


by Esmeralda van de Pol

Adam Astmar

If We Never Met

by Adam Astmar

Jonas Dahlgren

I Can Jive

by Jonas Dahlgren

Jill Babinec

24 Reasons

by Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast

Willie Brown

Burn Down The Night

by Willie Brown

Jen Stevenson

Love Nobody But You

by Jen Stevenson & David Morgan

Jannie Tofte Andersen

So Just Dance

by Jannie Tofte Andersen

Amanda Rizzello


by Amanda Rizzello

Ivonne Verhagen

Smoky Mountain Whiskey

by Roy Verdonk & Ivonne Verhagen

Lee Hamilton

Infinite Love

by Lee Hamilton

Robert Lindsay

Bad Mama Jama

by Karen Anderson-Morris & Robert Lindsay

Christopher Gonzalez

Can't Walk Away

by Megan Barsuglia & Christopher Gonzalez

Heather Barton

Needs & Wants

by Heather Barton & Lee Hamilton