WEEK 11 24H eXstream

// In order of teach from last dance to the first dance the week

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Neville Fitzgerald


by Neville Fitzgerald

Debbie Rushton

Too Intoxicated

by Debbie Rushton

Willie Brown

Dance With My Daughters

by Willie Brown, Taylor Brown & Hayley Brown

Dee Musk

Footprints In The Sand

by Dee Musk

Julie Harris

Bring Us Back

by Julie Harris & Neville Fitzgerald

Jannie Tofte Andersen

Far From The Tree

by Paul James & Jannie Tofte Andersen

Alison Johnstone

Electric Reel

by Robert & Regina Padden

Paul Snooke


by Paul Snooke

Stephen Paterson

I Called Mama

by Stephen Paterson

Grégory Danvoie


by Chris Watson, Jannie Tofte Andersen, Heather Barton, Jo & John Kinser, Gregory Danvoie, Stephen Paterson & Alison Johnstone

Kelly Cavallaro

I'm Sorry

by Kelly Cavallaro

Willie Brown

Bad Attitude

by Rachael McEnaney & Charlotte Oulton Macari

Colin Ghys

La Veo Caminar

by Wil Bos, Hyunji Chung & Colin Ghys

Heather Barton

Shine A Light

by Heather Barton

Heidi Brenden

Pray For Me

by Heidi Brenden & Siv Anita Jorstad

Jannie Tofte Andersen

Speak My Mind

by Kirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen

Mark Furnell

Stand Up

by Mark Furnell & Chris Godden

Philip Sobrielo


by Philip Sobrielo

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